Henna for every body.


Prenatal henna is the perfect way for expectant mamas to celebrate that growing baby bump. Make an appointment today and indulge yourself or that lovely mama you know deserves to be pampered a little before the big day. Natural henna is safe for pregnancy, but ALWAYS ask your henna artist for ingredients before they put anything on your body. 



That joy you felt when you saw the test was positive. The excitement of your growing baby bump. The thrill of feeling those little fluttery movements for the first time.

And above all, the anticipation of meeting your little one soon, soon, soon. 



The time leading up to your baby's birth can be magical, exciting, and, at times, exhausting. Expecting mamas deserve to be pampered at every opportunity. So put your feet up, and enjoy this chance to indulge a little. 

Whether you've scheduled a photo shoot or just want to celebrate that growing bump, henna is the ideal adornment. Safe, beautiful, and personalized to reflect your own aesthetic, prenatal henna is the perfect way to put that gorgeous, growing belly bump on display.



If you've never gotten natural henna before and are wondering about safety, worry not! I mix my henna paste for prenatal appointments using lavender, the most gentle and relaxing essential oil. And of course, I'll be happy to provide a complete list of ingredients at any time.