Henna for every body.
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Other services

Glitter tattoos, blacklight-reactive tattoos, and body paint offer some alternatives to henna if you don't want a stain that lasts one to three weeks. Designs can be customized to match the color and pattern of your outfit. Ideal for Prom, Homecoming, or a fun weekend.

Other Services

Although henna is my primary (and favorite) service, I also offer other body art to suit your occasions.  

Whether work or school restrictions prevent you from having a long-lasting henna stain, or you just want something sparkly to match your outfit or make heads turn in the club, I've got some other unique options to suit your needs--and your style. 

freehand glitter tattoos

I use medical-grade body adhesive and cosmetic glitter to create unique, custom freehand glitter designs that last three to five days. I can design these waterproof (but not scrub-proof) tattoos to match the color and pattern of your attire.  


Blacklight-reactive glitter tattoos

These use the same adhesive as the other glitter tattoos, but with glitters that glow under black lights. The glitters look pastel under normal lighting conditions, but really pop when the glow lights come on! 

Photo by Julie Hove Andersen

Photo by Julie Hove Andersen

tribal markers body paint

For a fun design on your face or body that will wash off with soap and water, you may prefer body paint. These are available in four non-blacklight colors or three that glow once the party gets started.